Letter of Invitation:

If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and inviting someone to visit you in Canada, you can write a letter of invitation. This letter should include information about your relationship with the applicant, the purpose of their visit, the duration of their stay, and details about your accommodation and financial support during their visit.

Affidavit of Support:

In some cases, you might need to provide an affidavit of support, which is a legal document confirming your commitment to financially support the applicant during their stay.

Letter of Explanation:

If you are not the applicant but are providing any form of support (financial or otherwise), you can write a letter of explanation to clarify your role in their application and how you will assist them during their stay in Canada.

Supporting Documents:

Gather any relevant supporting documents such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, or other proof of the relationship between you and the applicant if applicable.


Interview Preparation:

If there is an interview as part of the application process, help the applicant prepare for it by conducting mock interviews and reviewing potential questions

Follow Up:

After submitting the application, stay informed about the application's progress, and be prepared to provide additional information if requested by the immigration authorities.

Medical Examination and Police Clearance:

Assist the applicant in arranging medical examinations and obtaining police clearance certificates if required.

Business Plan:

Assist the applicant in preparing a detailed business plan outlining the purpose of the visit, the nature of the business activities, and the expected economic benefits to Canada.

Support Services:

Offer additional support services as needed, such as travel arrangements, accommodation bookings, and assistance with business meetings and appointments.

Business Invitation Request:

Request an official letter of invitation from the exhibition or trade show organizers. Typically, these events have procedures for obtaining invitation letters for international attendees.

Appointment Scheduling:

Help your clients schedule visa appointments at the respective consulates or visa application centers, if required.

Fee Payment:

Assist your clients in paying the visa application fees online or at the designated payment centers.

Document Organization:

Help your clients organize their application documents in the order specified by the consulate or embassy.